Visitors Book – Two Continents

An ‘Ode’ from Ellie(London) – Tarifa to Fes Oct 2017

“The time has come it’s almost here, that final wine and one last beer.
We have done it before, we know how it ends, 
Another great holiday and many new friends.

Peter lugged his rocket fuel around, in heavy cases. 
The nightly gins ensuring that we all had happy faces

Were we brave or where they mad, the ten that did return. 
Did they come back just for the crack, will they never learn?

Carol, John and Darrel found, like all of us before,
That Spanish Steps is an adventure and no ordinary tour.

‘Up’ means up, and ‘down’ means up … and so does ‘straight ahead’.  
But we always follow Peter, and are so easily led.

We followed marathon runners, on a tricky route downhill, 
And without Darrel and Kenny, Avril says she might be there still…

We followed to a swimming pool, for a cooling beer and swim. 
The fact there was no water did not stop Kenny jumping in.

Carol wanted ‘foreign’, and we got that all right,
With beerless bars and windowless dars and prayer calls in the night.

The walk to Fes, over the hills saw our Irish lass turn white,
Whilst our Denver honeymooner had to miss the last two nights

But we saw so many shades of blue, so many exotic sights,
With Scenes that could be taken from ‘The Arabian Nights’

Turban lessons in the Kasbah, tanneries and fountains
Marcus of Arabia striding Moroccan mountains.

So as we say an early goodbye, to get up before the sun,
Lets raise a glass to everybody, and thanks for being such fun.”

Many thanks for another wonderful and memorable holiday. Despite my somewhat dodgy constitution I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Marion (Dublin) Tarifa to Fes October 2017

We are safely home – the transfer to Fes airport went smoothly and the airport is very swanky and we were processed quickly – just so you know for future trips – in fact the flight landed at Stansted 20 mins early.Thanks for a great week and all the hard work you put into making it happen before and during our trip. Thanks again and best wishes for the future. Suzanne & Ken (Hertfordshire) Tasrifa to Fes October 2017

I would like to thank you once more for a truly wonderful experience we had for the entire duration of our trip; how much hard work and personal involvement/exertion on your side it takes to make this kind of adventure work well for everyone I can completely appreciate. We loved our authentic and traditional accommodation, each with its own particular splendours; the sights; the friendliness and knowledge of our guides; food – and the company of like-minded people. As I mentioned to you during our trip I have been wanting to do this particular journey with Spanish Steps for some years, and I am pleased that it finally came to pass and that I have come across and chosen such a fine organisation. Sabine & Mervyn (Bangor NI) Granada to Fes June 2015

Can we thank you for a fantastic introduction to Andalusia, Moorish Spain and Morocco? Both of us had visited some of the sites before, but to do it as you had arranged was a very coherent, enjoyable and revealing experience. It was very well organised and was exactly what we were looking for although, of course, you had plenty of unexpected moments for us. Surprisingly the train journey from Fes, though long, actually aligned quite closely with Edith Wharton’s descriptions of her travels, although she went by car. Reading her book (In Morocco) while travelling only added to the experience and we would recommend it for anyone wanting to understand the whole of your ‘Two Continents’ trip. She even mentioned the Spanish-French border post that we passed on the way to FesWe both now have a much better understanding of that part of the world, its history and its peoples. Elizabeth & John (Edinburgh) Granada to Fes, June 2015

Many thanks for the wonderful holiday. I enjoyed every minute of every day, especially the company of yourself and the others. Granada and Fes were the highlights for me, but of course everything in between was awesome as well. Your itinerary is a fantastic insight into these beautiful countries and all the “locals” we met, especially Abdeslam, were so passionate and hospitable. Truly memorable.I have already recommended Spanish Steps to many and will continue to do so. Janelle (NSW Australia) Granada to Fes June 2014

I very much enjoyed the holiday, the walks, the food and the company too. What a lovely group of people! I really enjoyed the Moroccan food (and wine!) and intend to find some recipes to try out on my family. As you know I was concerned about the Fez addition, but it turned out to be very interesting as Fez was such a contrast to Chefchaouen & Tangier. I really do appreciate your efforts to make your holidays such a wonderful experience, enjoying comfortable accommodation and delicious food. I had a really great time and hope to be back to try another Spanish-Steps special in the future Frances (Southampton) Two Continents June 2014

I really enjoyed the holiday, everything was excellent from start to finish, as I knew it would be. Your organization and attention to detail is second to none. There were no lows, and I hardly dare list the highs in case I miss something, but here we go:-
• The walk on the second day – absolutely stunning 
• The Beach Bar – such a beautiful early evening location and fabulous gin and tonics – the addition of juniper berries – what a good idea!
• Pacos – the food was delicious, a gem of a place which we would never have found on our own
• Casa Hassan – absolutely beautiful, so Moorish and certainly the prettiest and most unusual hotel bedroom I have ever stayed in! Peaceful, comfortable, clean and intriguing
• The walk on my birthday and the fabulous lunch that day – the Berber girls, the kif fields, the beautiful scenery and the chicken tagine on the terrace overlooking the rose framed valley – what better birthday could I have asked for? (Of course, my special day continued long into the evening of the roasted goat…!!)
• Spending time at the waterfall on our day off – I was absolutely fascinated by the women washing the carpets with a box of Tide…
I have kept the list short, otherwise I will be describing the whole holiday to you as in fact the entire week was a high, which provided so many special memories. So thank you Peter and Andy for your company and your care, thank you to Sue also as I am sure she is involved with all the admin and organisation; Hope to be able to join you on another adventure soon!! Gillian (North Yorkshire) Two Continents June 2013

Just a small note to thank you for organising a wonderful walking holiday, I know that a lot of hard work went into making sure it was a wonderful experience, which I guarantee it was. Once again thank you all. Liz and Kirsty (Newcastle) Two Continents June 2013.

We would both recommend the Two Continents trip to experience a totally different culture than we’re used to in Europe. The Moroccan food was excellent throughout which we admit was a real surprise to us, really tasty and filling. The accommodation in Chefchaouen, Fes and Marrakech were excellent, way beyond what we expected. Again another excellent trip organised by Spanish Steps. I am sure it won’t be our last. Ian and Deb (Eccles) Sept 2012.

Andrea and I enjoyed your tour program very much. I must do justice to the experience and put in writing as much as I can. The lodging was very special, the sights were amazing and the people were warm and delightful. I feel very privileged to have spent time with you. You put together an experience for us that will shape our thinking for years to come. Andrea and Wayne (USA) June 2012

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